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The coach in charge is Takumi Hirata, the principal of our school. He has a diverse background and will support you with lessons from his long snowboard life experience.
For details such as fees, please contact us from the official website of the URL in Instagram or the official LINE.


Our Features

To ensure participants enjoy the lesson


Fun and Enjoyment

Our lessons prioritize making snowboarding enjoyable and exciting. We tailor each session to the individual, blending skill development with fun activities, ensuring that learning is not just effective but also truly enjoyable. Our instructors are adept at creating a positive atmosphere where laughter and learning go hand in hand, making every moment on the snow memorable.


Progress and Improvement

Our private lessons are centered around personal progress and skill enhancement. With customized coaching tailored to individual skill levels, we ensure that each participant experiences significant improvement. Our approach includes goal setting, personalized feedback, and adaptive teaching strategies, facilitating a supportive environment for steady skill advancement.


Play and Exploration

We emphasize the importance of play and exploration in our teaching approach. Participants are encouraged to experiment with different styles and techniques, fostering creativity and a deeper love for snowboarding. This method not only makes learning more engaging but also allows each person to find their unique path in the sport, enhancing their connection and commitment to improving.


English Friendly

Understanding the diversity of our participants, we offer lessons in English to ensure accessibility for everyone. This approach allows non-native English speakers and those who prefer English to fully participate and benefit from our coaching. Our instructors are skilled in communicating effectively in English, ensuring that all instructions are clear, making the learning process smooth and inclusive for participants from various backgrounds.

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